Healthy Lifestyle of 150-year-old Women "Thampuratty" | Healthy Lifestyle for The Heart. 

150 Year old Women

A healthy lifestyle of 105-year-old Thampuratty who underwent angioplasty at age 91, World Heart Day


 Nevertheless,  docs gained confidence upon seeing Thampurtty's positivity.

 "Thampuratty Lives his joyful Life in Kerala and wholesome life, even after 14 years of surgical procedure, She is sweet and Responsive for medical science,” stated Dr. Manu R Varma


 Dr. Manu R Varma

handled Thampuratty at the Medical Belief Hospital in Ernakulam


A wholesome lifestyle sample that Thampuratty follows even at age 105, is the key to her well-being, stated Thampuratty's 51-year-old granddaughter Prasanna.

Medical Suppervision

Thampuratty was invited as one of many principal companies to an operation held on World Coronary heart Day at the Medical Belief Hospital.  She finds time to learn and write later and stays decided to eat solely reasonably.

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